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Re: Pagids (was: Slagmaster Q (brakes))

>Next time you put new pads on, take some medium sandpaper and LIGHTLY 
>sand the discs in the following way:
>	Sand in a straight line across the face of the disc, tangent to 
>	the edge.
>			 *****
>            Sand ----->*********---->
>		      ***** *****
>		      ****   ****
>		      ***** *****
>		       *********
>			 *****
>Rotate the disc a little and do it again.  Rotate/repeat....  You should 
>end up with more-or-less grided disc.  This will keep the pads quiet.  My 
>Pagid's have a special anti-vibration backing on them.  Did you get a 
>look at yours before they went on?  Maybe the disc preparation is more 
>responsible for my squeal-lessness than the pads are.  Still, I highly 
>recommend the Pagids if you can get them.  Tecstar and Jurrid are good 
>alternate brand$.  

What your trying to do is a Non-Directional Finish and it works for about 
a week until the carbon pads finally do their thing, Which is to deposit 
a layer of carbon in the disc's micro-groove's making the brakes a form 
of Carbon-Carbon brakes, I would recommend against doing that if you are 
going with a carbon pad and going with a new rotor and leaving it alone. 
Carbon brakes by design are supposed to squeak, it's a function of the 
harder compound and the higher cf,  if they don't one of two things is 
going on:  1) the brakes are at their operating temp. Highly unlikley on 
the street.  Or 2) your pads are shot and your into the ceramic heat 
barrier if your have Cool Carbons (Right Scott!?)  Tecstar and Jurrid 
pads are another pad that is good for a car weighing LESS than 3000lbs, 
meaning that you really should'nt put them on a Q!  Tehy will stop great 
on the first and maybe second stop after that ferget it!  They've been 
Overtemped and are prolly gassing, which ='s Fade.

Another $1.05

Hey just when the hell am I going to get paid!    "Two Dollars, I Want My 
Two Dollars!!"  Name that movie!


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com