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Re: Pagids

In a message dated 95-12-02 00:39:12 EST, you write:

>Yes the Pagids are great pads, but as mentioned, difficult to find for the
>Audi.  Ned (IA) was my source, but like his chips, you pay a premium price.
> I talked with a major P-car 
>outlet for Pagids;  they couldn't find them for the Audi from either of
>sources (and were told there were no sets avail in the US!)
>They are NOT quiet, at least not the RS4-2 (blue) compound I have.  They
>sound much like the Metro transit buses around here and get me quite a few
>comments from my passengers (esp the wife).  

....  I left the set in the rear, but found the .55cf just too agressive for
the street on the fronts, and a high propensity to eat rotors......   The
cool carbons with the ceramic barrier seem to work better and you don't need
to bleed the brakes after hard driving.....  And about 1/2 the price of the
pagids (and ned don't sell em any more), yes, glen, THAT'S expensive........