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dim headlights figured out

Hello everyone.

I would like to thank those who responded directly to me for the help.  I
indeed did get my wires crossed, and this time it was on my car.  The
ground and hots are set up differently on the H4 lights than they are on
the original, so there was a feedback problem.  I altered the wires, and
now they work like a charm.  The Euro lights are fantastic, esp when you
kick in those hi-beams.  It throws the light half a mile, and no tweety
bird wants to fly in front of them either.  The lights came in handy
tonight, as there was heavy snow in the Cascades going over Snoqualmie
Pass, and no one passed the red quattro.  I kept it at about 50 or so, with
the center diff locked.  Going down the other side, I passed a 90Q, and he
couldn't keep up with me.  The bummer thing is that the snow turned into
heavy rain lower down, and that is not what we need in an already flooded
area.  Weather reports have snow in Seattle this week, so there is going to
be more quattro action, and I can see where I am going too!

Thanks to: Jeremy R King <kingjer@eng.auburn.edu>, Allan Morris
<allanm@primenet.com>, vwdoc1@gnn.com (David Boykin), and esw5@cornell.edu
(Ernest Wong).  They gave me enough leads to go on to figure out what the
problem was.

Project for next weekend is change oil and coolant, and installation of new
plugs with a check of the wires.  My donations for December make up for the
lack of them during the rest of the year.

Drive safe, and see where you are going with bitchin' lights everyone!

John Eickerman -- jke@wolfenet.com    MacZone -- 1-800-248-0800 x3997
Listowner for the Firearms Discussion List, FIREARMS@UTARLVM1.UTA.EDU