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85 4000SQ 4 sale

     The only reason to sell a Quattro is because you have to many,
currently 6 in my immediate family after the additon of an 87 5000tq this
weekend.  What has to go my sisters, 
     85 4000sQ Champagne bronze color/grey velour interior 
     New last 12 months; fuel pump, water pump, battery,radiator, 2 tires,
cap rotor, wires, rear brake cables and $400 worth of CIS work. 
     New last 3 months; front rotors and pads, rear rotors and pads, middle
muffler, O2 sensor, brake prortioning valve, one rear wheel bearing (the
other to follow) fuel filter, plugs, air filter. 
     Plusses; everything electrical works, honest! No rust Owned by Audi
enthusiast and realist.  Kenwood removable CD player. 
      Minuses; drivers seat worn, pain is 10 years old and not the pretiest
color(though original), door handle (probably will be replaced) 
     Obviously we had planned to keep the car until this 5000 came along. 
Price $3,100 B.O.  car is in southern N.H. 50 min north of Boston. 
Mike D 212-596-1675 E 203-625-8374