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Re: Audi models/tsb's&recall info.

Jeremy R King writes:
> You should pay absolutely NO attention to Consumer Ripoffs wussy 
> opinions.  All they look at is numbers and place emphasis on all the 
> wrong things.  They completely fail to recognize the beauty of German 
> Engineering - VW rightfully calls it Fahrvergnugen.  Take that book, 
> throw it away, and go drive some cars!  If you have questions, you're in 
> the right place.  We own Audis!  We know what goes wrong.  As I see it, 
> owning an Audi is a very rewarding relationship.  But you have to take 
> care of your Audi.  You can't ignore it like a adnoH.  In the end, the 
> rewards far outweigh the effort required.  I think those with real Audis 
> would agree totally with me (my VW has an Audi engine, if you didn't know).

Well said.  I often tell people that my Audis are like family pets, they
demands attention but provides a rewarding experience.  Other cars are
like stuffed animals.  They may not require any maintenance, but they
give back precious little to the owner...

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