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Re: 4000 and Coupe Models?

Tom asks;

>Also are there any differences between Coupe models (other than Quattro)?<

Yes.  First imported to the USA in 1981.  5 cylinder 100HP 2.2L engine, tall
(overdrive) fourth and fifth gears.  Silver "snowflake" 14Jx6 wheels.  Chrome
and black trim.

1982; Different throttle body for improved gas mileage, mostly from less
fuel consumption at idle.  Very minor trim differences.  Hard to tell the
difference from looking at them.

1983 - 1984 (?); Blacked out trim, 16 spoke 14Jx6 Ronel R8 wheels.

1985; Coupe GT introduced.  Lower gear ratios for fourth and fifth gears,
110 HP 5 cylinder engine with hydraulic valve lifters.  More rounded body
design with Hella aero head lamp assemblies.  Digital trip computer available
with other trim and option differences.  Aero flush covers on Ronel R8
wheels, aero side skirts, molded body color bumpers.

1987 (?); Special edition available with digital dash instrumentation and
color matched Ronel R8 wheels.

1988 - 1989 (?); No more Coupe :(.

As alluded to in other threads on this list there were continuous
small changes to engines over the years.  I always have to specify
that my car is an early '82 (March production) in order to get the
correct part sometimes.

The 85 Coupe engine bay is much cleaner than my '82.  Fewer hoses.
Not as good gas mileage though.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe