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Internal Calipers

I went by Worldwide Imports to talk to BJ about bushings for my wagon's 
control arms.  We ended up talking Pagid pads and the like.  He's gonna 
work up an internet price for 200 and 5kcstq pads and give it to me 

I need to know more about the internal calipers on the 200's.  When you 
change them out to regulars, is it a bolt on kinda swap?  Don't you use 
brake hardware off of a 5k?  I'm asking all this 'cause BJ said he would 
send somebody all the hardware off of a 5k in exchange for a set of 
internal calipers.  He wants them for some reason.  But only if it's a 
bolt on kinda deal.  Please let me know.  And let me know if you're 
interested in swapping with him, or if you have a set of internal caliper 
hardware lying around.  TIA

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart