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Dry engine priming.

Thanks to all for the help with my 2000RPM oil light question.  Logic
would point to the High Pressure oil sender being bad or misadjusted.

I RECALL a thread about priming a dry engine approximately 1-2 months ago
and saw some pretty creative solutions.  Here's one that I read that seems
to be the best that I could find...

Place a long Screwdriver type bit where your distributer shaft normally sits
and make sure it fits snugly in the notch where the shaft seats.  THen use a
drill to spin the bit, which ought to turn the oil pump and start the system
pumping.  I saw this done on a Chevy, so I can't guarantee that it will
work on your Q's without seeing a Bentleys...

Food for thought, look before you leap, batteries not included...