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Buy '85 5000 S Wagon? Too Good 2B True?

I'm a Saab owner ('88 9000T) and am new to this list.  I have an 
opportunity to buy a '85 Audi 5000 S wagon for a price that seems too 
good to be true, and I am seeking your comments and insight.

Saturday I looked at an '85 5000 S wagon.  It is not currently driveable. 
 The owners want $1000 or best offer.  It din't start initially because 
the battery was dead, but after charging for a about an hour, it ran.  
Seemed smooth although it was "clacky" because it hadn't been driven for 
awhile.  The engine oil was black and needs to be changed immediately.  
The CV boots were uncracked and felt good.  

The maintenance records show that a new speedometer unit was put at 48k, 
and the new speedometer reads 14k, so give or take a few thousand, it has 
62k on it.  From the records, it appears the entire fuel system has been 
replaced, including the gas tank.  Other maintenance looks good, 
including a timing belt (? or chain?) replacement.  The owner tells me 
that the wagon essentially sat idle for about three years from 1990 to 
1993.  The 14k on the new speedometer is since January of 1991.  It is 
dark brown, and looks real straight (i.e., no accidents or bodywork).  It 
is a Texas car, so no rust.  It has the 2.2 liter engine (5 cylinders???? 
is that right????)

It's missing a radiator hose.  When we put antifreeze and water in it, 
the fluid drained right out, in lower rear portion of the engine 
compartment. Because of the radiator problems, we only ran the engine for 
a short time, and I obviously wasn't able to drive it.  Three of the four 
doors don't work from the outside, and none of the power windows work.  
The "support" arms on the rear lift gate are completely useless, and will 
have to be replaced.  The tires look OK, but according to the receipts 
are five years old.  

They've been trying to sell it for two months, no luck.  I bet I can it 
for $800 - 850.  

As it see it, it needs the following (I'm guessing on the prices): (1) a 
new battery - $50; (2) a radiator hose - $50; (3) flush and fill the 
radiator - $50; (4) labor and parts to gets the doors and windows working 
 -- $500 ???; (5) oil change -- $ 20; and (5) two support posts for the 
rear lift gate -- $ 75 each ???.  

So for an investment of $1600 I can get a wagon with a retail book of 
$3000, with a lot of life left in it.  

I'm thinking about buying and repairing this vehicle to replace my wife's 
86 Honda Civic.  My wife is understandably afraid of buying a car that 
might turn into a money/hassle pit.  I think this wagon is a diamond in 
the rough, and am looking for arguments to persuade her (or maybe I'm 
wrong).  My wife's Civic is a nice car, very reliable and zippy in town, 
but doesn't have power steering and has **no** power above 55 mph.  It is 
also very loud at highway speeds.  Am I correct in assuming that the Audi 
wagon, by contrast, is a smooth highway cruiser?

Generally speaking, is this good car?  I am inclined to discount the 
"unintended acceleration" controversy as media hype, but I have no solid 
information on it either way.  

I would really appreciate any input you might give.  If it works out, I 
may be on this list for awhile.  :)


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