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Re: Cell phone for '92 100CS

>Hello All,
>Has anyone else out there experienced difficulty with installing
>a non-Audi cell phone in their Audi?
>I have an RJ11 phone jack located beneath the arm rest, an internal
>speaker located right next to it, and the microphone unit (?) mounted
>in the overhead console next to the sun-roof mechanism.  However,

I have a '95 A6Q.  After I got it, I became interested in exactly how
the cell phone pre-wiring was done, because I hoped to reuse the same
wiring harness for a ham radio.  I ended up running new cables for the
remote-headend ham radio, but in the process I did end up 'buzzing out'
(most of) the stock factory cell phone harness in the '95 A6.
Your '92 100CS may differ, but probably not by much.

First of all, I too was told that the set of slots up by the sun-roof
switch was a microphone, but when I actually opened it up and looked at
it, the device behind the slots turned out to be a temperature
sensitive device (a thermistor) probably used by the climate control.
The real location for the microphone is somewhere near the top of
the driver's side A pillar.  The microphone did not come preinstalled
on my 95 A6.  I did notice that it came preinstalled on a 96 A4 I saw

Second, in my car, there is no speaker in my console.  There's a space
for it, and there are wires that go to it, but the speaker itself is
not there.

Last, here is a set of notes that I made early last summer about
the pre-wiring for the cell phone.  There are a few unknown wires
in this information, so if anyone is able to shed some more info,
please help out.

Franco Barber
'95 A6Q

(subscriber to the quattro-digest)

::::::::::Cell Phone pre-wiring harness info on 1995 A6::::::::::

In the trunk, on the driver's side, behind the trunk liner,
is a 25-pin DSUB connector (same shell as is used for an RS-232
cable ) where the Audi factory (Motorola) radio plugs in.
Next to it is a coaxial RF cable that is the antenna connection.
The other end of the antenna cable comes out in the middle top of
the rear window.

In the passanger compartment, in the console is an 8 pin RJ45 jack
for the handset.  A set of speaker leads is in the console beneath
a compartment that holds the speaker.  To open this compartment,
remove the inserts on the sides of the cupholders by lifting from
the bottom and sliding the bottom of the sides inwards towards the
center.  Then remove the thin carpeting that lines the bottom and sides
of the cup-holder space.  Now, remove the two screws at the rear of
this space that hold in the speaker cover.  Lift up on the front end
of the speaker cover, below the RJ45 jack, and rotate towards the
back.  There is a catch at the back end of the cover that has to pull
out.  The RJ45 cable will limits how far you can pull out this cover.

A microphone may be mounted on the A-pillar, the leads for the
microphone should be buried somewhere behind the driver's side A-pillar,
but I wasn't able to verify this in my car (never had the guts
to tear the A-pillar apart.)

The DB25 connector in the trunk has these wires going into it:
    o	Three (3) bundles of shielded wires.
	    +	One of them goes to the speaker.
	    +	One of them goes to the RJ45 handset jack.
	    +	The third one probably goes to where the
		cellphone microphone is supposed to be installed,
		but I haven't found it's location yet.
    o   Power and Ground wires that go directly to the battery.
	    +	Two thick red wires each carrying +12V.
	    +   These are fed from a thick red-black wire with
		an inline 10A fuse.
	    +	Two brown wires, about as thick as the red wires,
		for ground.
    o	One blue-black wire, a little smaller then the red or brown wires.
    o	One grey wire, same size as the blue-black wire.

And these are where the various wires appear on the DB25 connector.

DB25-1  ---> RJ45-7  (bundle2)         DB25-14 ---> unknown (??)
DB25-2  ---> NC                        DB25-15 ---> unknown (??)
DB25-3  ---> GND     (brown wire)      DB25-16 ---> +12V    (red wire)
DB25-4  ---> +12V    (red wire)        DB25-17 ---> GND     (brown wire)
DB25-5  ---> ACC+12V (??)              DB25-18 ---> RJ45-5  (bundle2)
DB25-6  ---> RJ45-8  (bundle2)         DB25-19 ---> SPEAKER (bundle1)
DB25-7  ---> NC                        DB25-20 ---> unknown (??)
DB25-8  ---> RJ45-2  (bundle2)         DB25-21 ---> NC
DB25-9  ---> NC                        DB25-22 ---> NC
DB25-10 ---> unknown (??)              DB25-23 ---> RJ45-1  (bundle2)
DB25-11 ---> RJ45-3  (bundle2)         DB25-24 ---> RJ45-8  (bundle2)
DB25-12 ---> RJ45-4  (bundle2)         DB25-25 ---> SPEAKER (bundle1)
DB25-13 ---> NC

DB25-N means lead N of the D-sub25 pin transceiver connector in the trunk.
RJ45-N means lead N of the RJ45 handset connector in the console.
SPEAKER identifies the two wires that run to the location in
the console where a 2" 8 ohm speaker may be installed.

+12V and GND are power and ground that go straight to the battery
under the rear seat.

ACC+12V is a lead which comes on only when the key is
in the ignition and the car is turned on.

NC means that there is physically no pin in the connector, so
there can't be any signal on that lead.

unknown means that there is a pin in the connector, and there
might be a signal on that lead, but I don't know what it is yet.

Either the blue-black or the grey wire is the accessory lead.
I don't know what the other one is yet.

So, there are 4 leads in the DB25 that I don't have worked out yet.
A microphone should take two (2) leads, right?
That leaves two leads and only one wire (the grey or the
blue-black) that are as yet unidentified.

What could the last wire do?
I had some ideas:
    o	the phone uses this wire to tell the am/fm radio to mute.
    o	the phone uses this wire to honk the horn when the phone rings.
    o	the phone uses this wite to display phone information on the dash
	in the same little window in which the AM/FM radio displays radio
	information (long shot.)

I have not been able to test any of these ideas.

Is there anybody out there who say, has an S6 with the factory phone,
and can tell us whether the factory phone demonstrates any of these

Where the speaker has to mount,  there's a set of mounting posts on
2.25" centers, but the mounting posts stick up from the mounting
surface about 1/4", and it looks like the outside diameter of the
speaker needs to fit inside the mounting posts, then small brackets
screw onto the mounting posts to hold the speaker in place.