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STP Stuff

The primary effects of STP oil treatment are:
1)  Increase the viscosity of the oil;
2)  Add a petroelum component to synthetic oil if used (this is bad, 
because it compromises the wear characteristics of the oil).
3)  Probably (opinion enters here) compromise the designed 
multi-viscosity characteristics of the oil (also bad).

IMHO, if lifters sound quieter using STP, they can be made to also sound 
quieter by running a higher-viscosity (preferably synthetic) oil.  
The synthoil will clean all lifters, etc. well since it's highly 

If the engine is using some oil and therefore not  a candidate for 
synthoil, STP might have some virtue - but in cold areas, due to 
raising the oil's viscosity, the car should be a bit harder to start.

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