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Re: Chevron Techron - caution!

At 01:29 PM 12/5/95 -0500, you wrote:

>I wonder how much Ford pays out in warranty repairs because of overzealous 
>treatment like that.  I wouldn't blame them if they prohibited use of the 
>stuff and refused to honor such claims.

Actually, if you have a car under warranty and the only thing
protecting you from a bad head gasket is some crud
buildup, I would be mad and using techron at every fillup
till the warranty ran out - that is seriously poor design.

I learned of the stuff ages ago when a friend (Volvoville mechanic)
said they would dump a complimentary bottle of this stuff in 
every car that came in for repairs, its a generation above
the others for what thats worth, wouldn't surprise me if its mostly

Now, I do believe it may accelerate a problem but a well maintained
car has a reduced number of failure points and if you've been adding
this stuff on a decent schedule (ie one tank fillup before your 
next oil change) then you've probably reduced your risk further.

jim h

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