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hello and apologies

Hi q-list,
	Sorry for jumping on the list and spewing my 2 (hey, there's no cents 
symbol on the keyboard!) before introducing myself. I subscribed last week 
and am still working with my sysadmin to up my msg limits, sorry for the 
bounces. I have a '93 90csq and have previously owned an '86 coupe and an '86 
4kcsq. The 4kcsq was my first audi and first q and I loved her dearly; the 
coupe was a bit disappointing in comparison. I'm real happy with the 90csq, 
but it seems a bit softer, heavier and less tossable than I remember the 
4kcsq being. 
	I'm also a diesel-head. All of the VWs I've had were diesels ('78 
rabbit, '79 rabbit, '83 jetta, '85 jetta turbodiesel). Close to the top of my 
practical dream car list is an A4 2.2TDI quattro.
	Thanks for the responses already received to my questions.

Peter Grul
'93 90csq