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Re: Techron

The standard recommendation on any FI cleaner is that you should never do
more than 3 treatments per oil change.  There is always a certain amount of
fuel/water washdown on the cylinder walls into the crankcase.  The FI cleaner
can contaminate/begin a breakdown process of the oil.  I run a can of normal
cleaner through about every 3 months, and change oil every 6 months (synth,
of course!) or so.  If you need a thorough cleaning and use one of the "super
concentrates", you should change oil soon.  Cheap insurance!

By the way, don't ever add it after filling up!  Did that once, the cleaner
stayed concentrated, hit the system at one shot - my fuel pump sounded like a
wounded hornet (79 5K), and it "cleaned" the system so well I basically had
to tear everything down (Including the distributor) and clean/lube, plus
replace injectors (5 @ $55.00 ea.).  I was NOT happy!

Live and Learn

Dave Head

(sometimes I THINK I'm a mechanic - Audi's usually prove me wrong...  I'm
better at running nuclear power plants.)