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Re: Unintended Acceleration/Media Hype

> > [Grumble about unintended grumbleness grumbled out]
> >Ma, it just kinda slipped out) at 60 Minutes. Greg
> >
> Whatsamatta, Greg?  Did we wake up Grumpy today?  :-)  Maybe we shoulda let
> him (Grumpy) sleep?  :-)
> [Grumble, grumble]
> some exceptionally fine used Audis for bargain basement prices.  I may be in
> the market for another one in a year or two.  Maybe we should get 60 Minutes
> to run another Audi program?  :-)

I think Audi U.S. should show some balls and sue 60 Minutes -- that's why 
we got the most laywer vs. people in U.S. -- so put it in use.

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