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>Hi there everyone. This is my first submission to this mailing list. 
Hello there. But our list is not submissive ...

>Heard, from a friend, that you all wrer into 4 x 4s. Is that what Quattro 
Well, of course. Actually quattro is a system to elevate all four wheels
at the same time when you cross a lake. Very handy if you live near swamps.

>  I got a 1984 Ford F-150 4 x 4.  I took it to a mechanic friend of mine 

Is that with the nice fire drawings on the side, or with the girls on the hood?
If you got the fire one, good choice. I have been trying to make my
girlfriend paint some on mine but she says it is embarashing enough
to have her stand in her bikini by the car while I take pictures.

>for this noise it has been making.  It sounds like a shot gun going off 
>because it backfires.  Anyone know what could be wrong?  My mechanic 

Are there any squirells close by where you live ?
Check the exhaust every morning before you start the car. They have a habit to
get in there, especially in the cold winter.

>friend told me that it needed a new Flexor Valve.  What do you all think? 

Must be something similar with the valve humans have in their rear. Right ?
You flex it, and the sound stops ... As far as I know, it should be a life long
item. Did you abuse yours ?

>  I hope to hear from somebody soon.  I have got some other friends with 
>4 x 4s that might find this list usefull.  I'll let then know about it.

Do they all have the same Flexor valve problem ?

Oh, Dan, don't forget:
It is customary for this list that newbies write in caps. OK ?


Hey guys:
His domain is unknown and his name is kinda wierd ... No-one ...
In any case the mail must be a fake.
(It better be ...)