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Re: Disappointed with AoA customer service/A4 Trade

In a message dated 95-12-05 00:30:24 EST, Curtis writes:

>We have had enough problems with our '93 90 Q to qualify for the Lemon Law
>our state (WA).  We did not activate the Lemon Law because we would have had
>to pay a $7000 "user fee".  At the current rate, we will be spending $5000
>per year on our lemon after the warranty expires.  Our dealer has attempted
>to try to get a free extension to our warranty from AoA, but to no

>.......but have had no luck.  Hey, just this week it was in the shop to
replace the
>idle stabilizer - a $300 part.  The master cylinder failed a year ago in a
>snow storm with only 17k on the car!  The climate control periodically
>decides what temperature it wants the cabin to be and of course the dealer
>doesn't know what's going on.  The list goes on...
>Curtis Bryan   

Well, you gotta ask.... "How much will you give me on a trade for an A4?"

This certainly may be an option worth considering (unless Audi is not in your
future...), but you may want look at trading it in at another dealer (ie,
your's knows too much... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.... ;-) )

Sorry to hear about your troubles...Good Luck!!!

                      Jim Griffin
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