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Thank You 60 Minutes

Hi all,

I would like to sincerely thank the buffoons at 60 minutes for enabling me to 
drive such a fine car for such a cheap price (well, the cost of the car 
anyway...).  I would also like to thank all of you for a wealth of information 
(I've been a lurker for a few months), although as a virgin Audihead the only 
problem i've had in 4 months is a sticky door handle.  (uh oh... I hope the 
gods didn't hear me). 

I saw these in the paper today and thought I'd pass it along (Syracuse, NY).

1986 4kcsq loaded, excellent in & out, $2,700 or best  315-479-7102

1986 4ks loaded, needs some body work, $775 & parts car  315-637-8184

I have been watching Audi prices and it seems that in central NY that used 
Audi prices are pretty low.  I think it is because there is some guy in the 
area who is always selling used 86 & 87 5k's.  He must get them at auctions 
from out of state and sell them here to people who are amazed that for 
$2,500 they can buy a ten year old 5k (that most people cant tell apart from 
a '92 100 or 200) that is loaded and has ZERO rust !    Really, he has a 
different one in the paper every week, always for around $2,500 and the 
average milage is from 75k to 110k.  I am very excited about my Audi, 
especially after driving a 1976 ovloV around the planet 11 times (a great 
durable car that is actually a Swedish garden tractor carefully disguised as a 
shoebox......R.I.P old friend  **sniff, sniff**).

If anyone is interested I could do a quick check on the above cars.

Scott McPherson  865kcs C.E.


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SRMCPHER@SYR.EDU                    /    .    \
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