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Telephone for A6

Sb: Cell phone for '92 100CS Fm: Mark Reis > INTERNET:reis@ccnet.com << Has
anyone else out there experienced difficulty with installing a non-Audi cell
phone in their Audi?

I have an RJ11 phone jack located beneath the arm rest, an internal speaker
located right next to it, and the microphone unit (?) mounted in the overhead
console next to the sun-roof mechanism.  However, I was told by the good folks
at Cellular One that the wiring was non-compliant with the transceiver units
they sell, and that in order to hook up one of their units, they'd have to put
in a new internal speaker, and microphone.  Does that sound right?>>

Thats right. Audi's installation is designed for a European phone system.
Motorola has adpted one of their US systems for use in these cars, and sell the
phone ONLY through Audi dealers (I wonder why?).  I have researched this and
have the same car. Also, The speaker which fits this installation, is also
unique to this application.