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Re: 1990 Coupe Quattro, more power, squeeky tail

There is a fellow in my town who is rumoured to have spent 10K on the 
suspension of his 91 Coupe: 17" wheels, rotors, brakes, lowered & 
stiffened, and some reaaally wide rubber. I spoke to a mechanic about it 
while it was in the dealer's for the Audi Clinic day. I was appalled to 
learn that he had done nothing to the engine - that same money spent 
there would have been a much better return on investment in my opinion. 
The problem with this car is that it's power output doesn't match it's 
character - needs about 300hp to be a balanced combo I figure.

However, having said that I am cautious about actually increasing output
of my Coupe. In my dark past I have cranked up the power of several 
vehicles; that part is easy. I'm not sure how much torque the 
multitudinous Quattro drivetrain components can take before they become 
expensive and frequent repair items.

Anyone out there have any info on how much abuse this car's drivetrain 
can stand? 

Regarding your squeaky tail - I have a bottle of silicone fluid that I 
regularily swab onto the rubber posts as well as the whole rubber gasket.
Works for a while, but does require attention often.

Regarding Coupe Audio - Can you describe your system? I have heard from a 
mechanic that accessing the speakers under the B pillars is a hassle, is 
this true?