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Timing belt

Regarding Joe Garibaldi's msg:

I was able to replace the timing belt fairly easily w/o any of the special
tools by doing the following (yes, I am the guy who broke the notch on the 
Crankshaft pulley, but that wasn't due to a lack of tools !)

1. Go through all of the usual steps marking your pulleys etc.
2. To get the Crankshaft pulley bolt off, take a 1/2" bar with a 2-3' pipe 
   as an extension. Facing the car, lay the pipe on the ground towards your 
   right. Disconnect the coil wire and crank the engine until the bolt      
breaks loose (you'll know when it does because the engine will turn 
   over). It took 2-3 tries before I got it free. This sounds scary, but 
   you're just using the starter to break the bolt free. Just verify that
   your I5 engine turns clockwise (facing the car) so you have the pipe on 
   the right side. That takes care of getting it off.

3. Finish up the belt change and when your ready to torque the bolt
   BACK ON, simply take your extension pipe assembly again and lock
   the engine by putting a screwdriver in the flywheel access whole where   
you set your TDC to 0. You don't need a huge blade (as a matter of fact     
you want one that will wedge into the narrow slot). This works              
surprisingly well. I had someone torque the bolt with two hands as hard as  
they could while I held the screwdriver -it works. You also don't have
   to worry about damaging the flywheel, it's hardened much more than any
   screwdriver you have. Good luck !!! Remember, that pulley has got a notch
   in it !!!

Bob Dunne
'90 200T