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Snow ties (re:)

from a recent post:

"Note: Don't just take this from me, check out the November issue of Automobile
Magazine where the BG Goodrich Touring T/A all-season M/S beat out most of the
tires(except the Blizzak and studded snows) on ice and snow conditions.

Yes, but . . . 

Most people don't run BFG touring TAs on Quattros.  They run
high performance dry tires.  Which are dangerous in slippery conditions.
Yes, AWD provides good forward traction , but that merely let's you get
to dangerous speeds faster, and may promote a false sense of

I've done the back end wiggle several times on summer tires in the snow,
spun, etc.  4 good snows puts and end to this.  If you get a good snow,
like the Pirelli Winter 210s, 185/60 that I run, you get good
ride, good traction, a little soft, but very reasonable.  And you
are safe when you need it the most.  Remember, in the same article
you quote, even the good ties were giving .15-.20 gs of cornering
and braking traction.  What would that be like on my 205/50/Zr-15
summer "slick"s :-)  I shudder to think.