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Re: 4KSQexhaust

Todd,  I can not answer your question but when I purchased my aftermarket 
exhaust system from Borla they did not have a listing for my 90Q but they 
did for the 4000.  You might want to call them.  I ended up ordering one 
of their turbo mufflers that would fit in the rear position of my car.  I 
had the pipe custom made in 2.5inch(upfrom 2.25inch) stainless steel.  The 
Borla muffler is the only muffling device on the exhaust and it is quite 
loud.  I like it like that but others think it is annoying and obnoxious, 
their loss.  One last thing, I put a Borla intercooled exhaust tip that 
is 4 inches in diameter rather then replicating the "dual" tips that came 
with the car.
Brendan Rudack 88'90Q   P.S.  Borla's Ph#:  805-986-8600

On Tue, 5 Dec 1995 Todd_Candey_at_Robo-RD3@robogate.usr.com wrote:

>           I,m wondering if any of you on our list have any experience with
>      aftermarket exhaust systems.
>         After the amount of time I spent getting told that nothing exists 
>      for the 4kq, I looked at the turbo coupe and found that the actual 
>      mufflers are the same except for diameter. What I would like some 
>      input on is:
>      <If the coupe rear muffler is used with a custom pipe which does not 
>      include the center muffler but does include a cat. of the same 
>      diameter in its factory location will there be sufficient 
>      backpressure? 
>      Any input at this point is appreciated.
>                             Thanx,  Todd.
>      p.s. My mailing system doesn't always know who I am, so the best way 
>      to reach me direct is: tcandey@usr.com