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Re: Off-diameter tires

>    Suppose, I was either real crazy, or I smoked a lot of crack one 
> weekend, and I decided it was time to put new tires on my car. I thought 
> it would be pretty cool if I put some 50-series tires on my '90 100Q, and 
> figured I could put them on a '90 200Q when/if I got one. Yeah, sure, 
> thats what I'll do allright. Ok, but you see, the tires are 15X6 inchaz, 
> and the wheel wells won't fit larger tires, like, at all. Bum-mer. So 
> I'll just go ahead and stick 205 vr (sr zr whatever) 50 15 boys on them 
> wheels. 
>     Would this 'screw things up BADD'? Could I get my spedometer 
> recalibrated for the smaller tires for a low cost? would it $#%^ up my 
> ABS/whatever else uses tire size to function?

Speedometer and odometer won't be functioning but everything else (like 
ABS) should be okay. You'll get some better acceleration time but lower 
top end speed (a bummer, knowing that there now an autobahn in U.S.). I 
would worry more about ground clearance, though. A bump, instead hearing 
it, you might be feeling in a bad sort of way, not to metion that you 
might spill your crack.

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