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Re: Quattro Plates

>          A personalized license plate, although cute and will get some 
>chuckles, is too easily remembered by police officers or disgruntal
> citizens (on the rare occasion you were doing triple digits for the 
>speed limit or something of that nature, but not that I would
> know anything about that)...while, normally issued (scrambled, 
>meaningless numbers and letters) plates go mostly unnoticed.
>That way when a person sees you breaking the law they will just
>shrug it off like, "That lunatic!" instead of picking up the cellular
> phone and narcing on you....so be warned.  I obey the speed
>limit in my uncle's flashy Mercedes 500SEC with Florida plates
> that read "BUCO"...his nickname....for Buco...like Buccaneer, 
>or cowboy.  That one people could easily remember!

Funny you should bring this up.... Last Thursday I'm driving on the 
highway in rushhour traffic and I pass this V8 a little farther down the 
road he get's up next to me and his window is down and he's looking at 
me....  I roll my window down (The Switch works!) and he goes, "Hey are 
you STEADI Ric on the Audi Net?"  BUSTED!!


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com