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Re: Ford sucks. Chevy rules!

>From: Mark Shilling <shilling@txchemcouncil.com>
>Subject: Re: Ford sucks. Chevy rules!
>At 09:48 PM 12/6/95 -0500, you wrote:
>>	My buddy Danny told me about this 4 wheel drive
>> question and answer list.  
>>So I have a question for someone.
>>	I drive a 1987 Chevy Blazer 4X4 with a different motor than 
>>stock.  We swapped out the old huffer for a 454 - bored .03 inches over.  
>>She's got high compression pistons (11:1), dual Holley 850 CFM carbs, 
>>Mallory performance ignition, and hooker headers.  Definetly not street 
>>legal (I only drive it off-road).  
>>	PROBLEM:  I keep blowing head gaskets.  I have gone through 2 in 
>>the last 4 or 5 months.  I think the stock Chev gaskets are not cutting 
>>it.  Anyone know of a good high performance gasket?  Local speed shop 
>>here is no help.  All they have are the same ones I've been blowing
>>	Also, anyone know where I can upload a G.I.F. picture descrambler? I 
>>have a I.B.M. 286 with modem (just got it). 
>>	Thank you.  Have a good day.  Roland McDougall

This is a joke, right?
Mark Shilling	shilling@txchemcouncil.com
Texas Chemical Council

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'82 4k 5+5 (gone and definitely forgotten)
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