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Re: UrQ vs 16v GLI...

You guessed it.  Last night on I-89 north of Burlington, VT I was at it
again.  When a pair
of headlights comes up reeeal fast ya gotta just downshift into fourth and
stand on it...!
Well, I moved over into the right lane after downshifting and did just that,
stood on it.
Up and down over the hills we went at more than grandma speeds...  5300 to
5500 RPMs was it for the 'ol UrQ... just didn't want to go any more. Boost
was good, pulled great, sounded super, and didn't feel like it was lean...(no
surging) I don't have the VDO gauge in yet, but was just above the second
line down from 2 BAR.  I also just topped off with petrol.

Well, he (16v) huffed and puffed and still couldn't pass me.  Lost 'em on the
hills (about five car lengths) and then was back for more after the slight
downhills..... right on my butt.

I NEED MORE HP...!!!  

Come on a 16v GLI Jetta...?  It looked as if it were an '88 or '89...

Just got off the phone with Keith Anderson and he said "Stock UrQ should pull
higher RPMs than that... you need new plug wires, or your coil is shot."
 (Bad spark at high RPMs will cause that fall off of Rs I guess).

Ok guys, what else can I do...?

My UrQ specs are:
Set the CO to 45-50 on a 7876 SunPro
WR5DS plugs
Stock ECU
Stock rims & (studded snow tires, haaa..)
Original plug wires (soon to go...)
K&N Air filter
2/32" Wastegate shim
Sans Kitty
One large rear muffler

Thompson Smith
Art Director/QCUSA