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Re: Fuel pump relay??

   Can SOMEONE please tell me where the fuel pump relay is on the TQC???
   According to bentley, its the relay directly above fuses 7-9.
   Well, when I pull it out, the car keeps running. (page 25.59 for all 
   those blessed with the bently)

Ha ha ha ha you believe everything you read?  Read on . . .

There are I think three relays mounted into the fuse box, from left
to right, with an empty "socket" (likely-looking place to plug in yet
another relay) labeled I think "L" sandwiched in there somewheres:
	wipers (big mother "relay");

There are two or three relays mounted in sockets that affix to the
top of the fuse/relay panel (to the right of the 6 auxilliary fuses
mounted above the main fuse panel):
	windows/mirror master power (switched by load reduc relay;
	safety belt warning buzzer (Ha! not in *my* car...makes a
		nice place to install a headlights relay...)

Next (heh heh) is a secondary relay array mounted above all of the
above, fastened directly to the underside of the dash (far left),
in a leggo-like arrangement of sockets snapped to sockets (which, by
the way, are probably half-broken off and held up only by the ratsnest
wiring harness), in a 1X6 array:
	radiator fan hurricane force;
	krock injector cooling fan;
	infamous hot start pulse relay ('nother big mutha);
	fuel pump;
	radiator fan (normal/ign-switched);
	rear wiper (in theory, I don't have one...)

Finally, there is a tertiary relay/fuse block above the glove box, af-
fized to the bottom of the dash. The fuse is the master A/C/fresh-air
fan fuse, and odds are good that by now, if you haven't already replaced
it, the assembly is half-melted, 'cuz stock it also powers the radiator
fan hurricane force triggered by the A/C, as well as the A/C and interior
fresh air fan [see archives on rewiring this!]. There are I think three
relays here, and I misremember what they all do, but one of the is the
master A/C relay (energized by the little microswitch snugled into the
A/C/heat/vent control center console), one is a dual-pole that drives
the fresh air fan at low always and the radiator fan hurricane force, in
parallel with the normal rad fan/fuse in/above the fuse panel, and the
third is the A/C compressor relay driven by the thermostat deeply buried
in the A/C/Heat ad nauseum control console.

All arrays are left-to-right, from drivers seat facing forwards...(I
mean by the time you get to some of them you're twisted on your back with
your feet out the sun roof or something, apply appropriate translations...)

I'm not even gonna ask why you want to know where the fool pump relay
is, 'cuz I know you're up to no good...