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Re: Noisy Lifters

On Tue, 5 Dec 1995 LCSCHADT@aol.com wrote:

> What IS this wonderful stuff (haven't heard back from Carl yet, who I
> believed promised to check, and come up with the specific product name)?

 I cannot remember the brand name, but it comes in a quart-sized 
cylinder shaped bottle that is silver in color and says 'Engine Flush' on it.
You can get it at Auto Zone. In my experience, this has been very succesful
at clearing up lifter racket. Make sure you follow the instructions on 
the bottle. Do not drive the car with the stuff in there! I doubt if the 
engine flush would hurt anything the first time but I would not use it 
every time you change the oil. In my case, one application of the engine 
flush, regular oil changes, and the use of synthetic oil has kept my once
noisy lifters completely quite for a year and a half.


Brett Augsburger
'86 5000CSTQ

 I will be out of town and will not be able to respond to any email 
for a while.