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Autobahn Blasting in a A4 1.6

Name: Paul Rivera
E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
December 07, 1995

Well folks, just returned back from Germany. Successfully rented an A4 1.6
from Avis for the same price as a Golf. Good deal except it was a 1.6.
However, aside from acceleration, this puppy was a blast.
Cloth interior, Sunroof, Power Steering, Steel wheels, and a poopy stereo
but, but, 200 Kmh peak, with 190 Kmh cruising with no problem.
At 190 Kmh, about 5.5K rpm. Great fuel economy, Frankfurt to Stuttgart and return
with a bunch of local trips in Schwaben on the same tank. About 600 Km.
Great handling for a stock rental sled, and very little sidewind problems.
Good brakes, but wind noise at 190 Kmh a little too much, but heh, 
unfortunately not a normal speed here (except soon for Montana I hear).

My friend who works for Bosch in Stuttgart says that the 1.8T injection system
for USA is working. Well see what that means.
Ok, all the best to all.