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No Subject

--- Received from A.CARLSON  +852-2511-3033         08.12.95 05.53
Dear Quattro Net,
Monitoring competitive activities in Asia for the Audi Brand and the
rest of the VW Group as part of my job can vary from dull to
interesting when it comes to press reports of what is going on here.
Sometimes, it can even be over the top.   Even though the following
has nothing to do with Audi, I thought perhaps you?d enjoy reading
>From the latest issue of Asian Auto Digest (Nov. 1995):
"Another plan to make an Indonesian National Car has been put
forward by President Suharto?s youngest son Hutomo (Tommy) Mandala
A renowned car enthusiast and director of the influential Humpuss
Group, he says an Indonesian car will go into production as early
as next year using the combined experitse of Italian Supercar maker
Lamborghini and Kia of South Korea.
Following a meeting with the Auto Industry Minister Tungky Ariwibowo,
he said that Humpuss Group would set up a plant in Cikampek, West
Java. Lamborghini, part-owned by Indonesian
rock-impresario-cum-businessman Setiawan Djody and Kia had agreed to
support the venture to produce 50,000 affordable sedans and
off-roaders a year."
The mind boggles at the possibilities....
V12 twin-turbo Sephia Sedan??????
1600 cc. 4-cylinder entry-level Diablo????
LM002 - Sportage diesel powered 4wd ?????
I would love to be a fly on the wall at the planning meetings when
these three groups get together for strategy sessions.
By the way, I have received inquiries about Audi Calendars for 1996.
 I wish our office had some in stock, our importers are asking for
them also. I?m afraid of a repeat of last year, hopefully Germany
will ship them before year end.
It might be possible to order them directly from Audi AG.  I would
recommend to address your inquiries to them as follows:
Audi AG
International Marketing and Communications Dept.
D - 85045, Ingolstadt, Germany
or FAX to the same dept. at: 49 - 841 - 89 - 6787
By the way, does everyone know the TT Coupe and Cabrio have been
confirmed for production? Plans are to have the car on the road by
1998 in limited volumes.
Eric Carlson