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cold feet...fresh air flap???


I've always read the posts, but haven't paid a lot of attention because
the problem appeared to occur only on the 5000...and I own a Coupe Quattro.

During the morning to to work, I wanted to warm my feet.  So I switched
the Climate Controller to "bi-level".

Warm /hot air in my face.  I then tried the "auto" setting.  same thing.

tried "econ" ...ditto.  I could hear or feel a difference in the air flow
in any of the settings, save for "def".  That appeared to work ok.

So..am I being affected by the broken spring/recirculating flap malady???

What's the easiest way to proceed on my car.  Any 80/90 or Coupe Quattro
owners experience the same problem??

Any tips or hints appreciated

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro  with cold feet...