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Re: quattro plates

> I think this describes me to a T-
... so did you damage your car when you lost your rotor?  (I LoST RoToR)  ;-)

... or does it mean "1 LaST RaT Race"   (... I know, big stretch)

(BTW - I *DID* get what it really means and it is appropriate!)

Other suggestions to those who are contemplating vanity pl8s:


	M3 PROTO <= For someone with an ur-Q ;-)

And since Duane lives in the fine state of CA he has the ability to get
charaters in addition to the alphanumerics (star, heart, etc.) so you
might want to look into something like SNOW(star) or something similar.
I guess the income on the environmental plates was decreasing ... anyway
you can go to the DMV or a CSAA (AAA) office to find out if the pattern
you want has already been assigned.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)