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Re: Noisy Lifters

>>Pyroil Engine Flush is what I use.  Comes from Auto Zone.
>You know to be perfectly honest I WOULD NOT use ANY of these snake oils.  
>Here's what I suggest: Three Flush and Fills (With Filtert Changes) with 
>a high quality High Detergent engine oil, Run the engine up to temp and 
>then run it for 5 to 10 more mins. at various RPM's.  After you drain the 
>third fill change the filter and fill the sump with Mobile 1 15w-50 
>Synthetic oil.  That should quiet things down quite a bit.  Woked for me 
>and PDQSHIP When he did a engine swap with a motor that had not turned 
>over for 2 years.
>Eric Fletcher
>STEADI RIC@aol.com

A variation that a friend and I used long ago on a formerly dead
MGA:....cheap 30 wt detergent oil plus filter change; heat up and run for
20 minutes, drain hot and replace filter.  Do it again.  THEN we used an
engine flush to get out the hard stuff and followed that with another round
of 30 wt to clear out the remainder of any solvent, but we actually ran the
car around for 30 minutes of increasingly aggressive acceleration, but
never crazy (hey, it's 30 wt.).  Then we put the good stuff in...and made
sure to change it in 1500 miles before we did anything nasty.


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