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Re: Export to China

To all list users:

Be EXTREMELY careful in dealing with any exporter!  Even better advice; don't
do it.

The (capitalistic) import of gray market cars into China is a mighty big
crime for the folks who still remain in power over there.  They want to
protect their market, if you know what I mean.  As many of you know, Audi has
a production joint venture in China. The fact that Audis are built locally,
combined with the worlds lowest prices for used Audis in the U.S., has raised
the entrepreneurial spirit in more than a few people.

Audi dealers have recently been reminded that dealing in this business could
cost them their franchise; hence the exporters are turning to the private
market.  You have to expect that people who are engaged in a basically
criminal activity might not have your best interests at heart.