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Freq valve TS/R - partial success

Mucking around I've found the following:
Frequency valve is good.  I placed 12V and ground to a spare (from an 84
turbo if someone needs one - not same hose length as mine) and it cycled w/o
burning up, so I did the same to mine - heard it cycle.
Then ran 12V to spare with input from ECU via the test connection (bypasses
the resistance wire) - spare run like a batt out of h--l.

So now I know:  Have an open either in the +12 line from F2 wiring connection
in harness, or in the resistance wire coming from the ECU.  When I ran the
output diagnostic I didn't hear the wastegate frequency valve cycle either,
which leads me in the 12V wiring direction.

What I still don't know:  Why the ECU refuses to put out anything other than
a 95% duty cycle - even when cold (should run open loop @ 50%); during
diagnostic (should be 50%); 1.3 V input from O2 sensor line (should be 10%)
via dry cell; or accel enrichment (should be 60%)...

Hey, its progress, not perfection...

Any ideas?  By the way, the car idles smoothly with the frequency valve
completely disconnected.

Dave Head