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2 newbie questions: rear fog light and climate control

I'm a newbie having recently acquired a '92 S4 and noticed a
couple of things that I could not find explained in the manual:

1. rear fog light:

I was trying to get acquainted with the controls and was "testing"
(read playing with) the dashboard switches. I was curious about the
rear fog light and turned it on and ran to the back of the car to
see what it looks like and noticed that only the left one illuminated.
So after a trip down to my local Audi parts department and a couple
of bucks later, I followed the instructions in the manual to change
the bulb and to my surprise, there was no connector/harness for the
right rear fog light bulb. Is there only a left rear fog light or is
my car missing something?

2. climate control:

The other day, I was running the car to warm up the interior and
when I subsequently turned it off and on again I got a strange read-
out on the climate control thermostat setting display. Normally, it
reads the temp that it's set at in large digits, for example "72".
Above and to the right of these digits is "oF" for "degrees Farenheit".
There is a place to the right of the big numbers and kind of under
the Farenheit symbol for some other smaller character, but I don't
recall seeing this character lit-up any other time. Except on this
occasion, the temp setting display had a "7" in the ones place and a
"1" in this smaller position under "oF". Pressing "auto" restored it
to what I normally expect. I stopped and restarted the car again and
got a similar result, except the "1" was replaced by a "0". What does
this mean?