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V8Q Dreams

-- [ From: l * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

	Now if I can just buy Eliot's V8 for 15k and use mine for a parts bin (I
just paid 20k a year ago)...our mutual mechanic says his in much better
condx than mine...and then next year trade them both on the A8... OTOH not
sure I could afford the resultant alimony too. 
	Eliot, make your day... couldn't get out of here in the ice storm with
either of the reel 4x4's (your favorites), but Audi did! If I didn't need
the 4x's in business would give em away. And I'm only using the Dunlop MS
93H shoes on the V8. From your post I'd be smart to get another set of
wheels and studs.
	Picking up another thread...not a car in sight so did 30-70 times on
freeway the other day... hit it--check time--easy brake to off ramp--across
the overpass and back the other direction. 3 each way. Last time northbnd
the V8 feeling frisky so let her run a bit to 3 figures. Quick ABS check on
to the offramp. Crossing back over the overpass was a tall uniformed
gentleman standing beside a plain wrapper Mustang with a funny machinegun
looking thang in his hand. Oooh. Very polite conversation. Just what the
*&^% are you doing? Well, you see I belong to this Audi safety group,
lieutenant, and we want times from 30 to 65 to establish a baseline for
safer passing on two-land roads, and  I wanted to do them both ways to
eliminate any wind factor...he really didn't look happy, and I could tell he
was breathing hard 'cause his belt buckle (at my eye level) was going in and
out of focus pretty fast in the trifocals...zero to what?..sixty five,
officer. He looked at the car, looked down on this little old white headed
escapee from a nursing home, looked at his radar gun, and shook his head...
What's that thing your driving. I'll admit it was pretty mud-spattered from
jumping stumps on the kids motocross track, but he hurt my feelings--you
dont call a V8Q a thing... It's a 6 year old Audi, kind of huffily, and look
I've got brand new tires...couldn't hear his reply... my hearing aids turned
way down cuz  those glasspacks really rap above 5grand, but sounded
something like..(some nasty word)  they'd laugh me out of court...nobody
would believe this...he looks a long time...shook his head... no more
testing pops. OK? ... Yes sir.  
	Usual disclaimers apply. OTOH, I could have owned that outfit. If that kind
gentleman is a lurker, my new alias is Anonymous@anywhere.montana.com
	Eric, 30 to 70 aint no 3rd gear drill for V8. Really cooks in 2nd. Get you
some times next go around. The ink ran and can't read the numbers.
CUL, Les