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1983 5k turbo mods?

While filling my tank, I got talking to a kid at the gas station around the
corner about the "new" 1983 5k turbo that his grandparents just gave him as
an early Christmas present.  They'd owned the car since new and just bought
a new A4 to replace it ... looked pretty good despite its very faded silver
metallic paint and 220k miles.

Anyway, he asked me what he could do to make it behave more like the new A6
his parents bought (and I thought mine was the only all-Audi family around)
but I didn't know what to tell him.  Other than the obvious (bigger wheels,
tires; stiffer shocks, springs, etc.), are there any other things he can do
to improve the car's performance?  I recommended an engine swap but he said
it's only got 10K on the rebuild (which included the turbo and transmission
and cost his grandparents almost $6k, which is why they decided not to sell
or trade it and gave it to him instead) and he wonders if there is a way to
bump up the turbo boost without screwing up the FI calibration.  I told him
I'd ask the Quattro List "braintrust" and see what I what I can find out...

BTW, he's a senior in high school and will probably be taking the car along
with him to college next fall so he's planning to get it repainted and have
a better stereo installed over the next few months.  He sounded like he was
reasonably skilled with a wrench and claimed he intends to do as much of it
himself as he can.

If anyone has any pearls of wisdom for him, send them to me and I'll see to
it he gets them (at the moment, he only has net access at school).  Thanks.

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