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Re: Export to China

I stand by my remark that the gray market import of Audis (or any other cars
into China) is a basically criminal activity - in China.  As such, you have
to ask yourself if you'd put your faith, and your car, in such people's

Perhaps some of you west coast folks will remember the spate of newspaper
articles recently on such exports gone awry.  Things like cash payments for
the first small shipments, then a letter of credit for the next, and finally
no money at all when the volume got really big.  My point is that these
exporters don't play by the rules on the other end, so why expect honest
capitalism on this side?

On another issue; do we have two classes of citizenship here?  I wasn't aware
that some citizens were more equal than others, either here in the US or on
this list.  Perhaps AOL is a pejorative for some of you superior beings, but
as was pointed out in an earlier mail, they do pay a bit of the freight for
the list.

My final point is that, no, I am not in the export business.  No matter what
my business might be, I don't see much that is constructive in the vitriol of
"cebo".  If you folks want to run a segregated list, let me know.  If that's
the case, I'll be glad to find a more productive use of my time.