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I would like to thank everyone who responded to my plea for help with the
rattling in my 80q.  I have determined that it is the drive shaft bearing.  The
rear diff was a little low so I topped it off and plan on putting new seals in
in the next month or so.  I called my old dealer (Heishman's) in Arlington, VA
because the dealers had all closed here in Minneapolis be cause of the snow
storm.  He told me not to worry about the rear diff being a little low and that
it is most likely the drive shaft bearing.  He also told me that they have a
local shop that will replace the bearing if that is the problem.  I didn't ask a
price but I plan on calling him tomorrow to find out a price and turnaround
time.  I'll post it when I find out.

Thanks again.

Robert Bauer
'88 80q