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Euro car phones - not!

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    06-Dec-95 09:03 CST
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<<This arrangement is guaranteed to yield maximum profit for both Motorola and

How about the possibility of getting a European phone to install?  Would it be
compatible with Murican cell phone technology?  Any other likely problems? >>

Sorry no can do. The European GSM system is not compatible with any of the US
CDMA or TDMA systems. Although there are som plans to introduce GSM systems
next year, but it is not clear whether these will be compatible without some
hardware mods.

The only thing you can do is persuade an aircraft radio shop which has done
custom phone intallations on exec jets, to modify US housings so that you can
accommodate them in the Audi speaker housing and wiring harness. Last time I
costed this on a T & E basis I stopped counting at $2,000. You need to want
this badly enough to pay those $ for soemthing that you can almost get for