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Re: 4KSQ:Basic Service Questions

A few months ago I purchased a '85 4KSQ.  I am heading out on a winter
trip for the holidays and have a few basic questions on routine services.

1.  Does anyone have a procedure for changing the air filter?  I am
fairly mechanically adept but an always cautious around fuel injection
systems, especially when they work.  What exactly needs to be
disconnected in order to get into the airbox?                  

It is a pain in the butt to change the air filter, considering the job.  I
usually disconnect one or two vacuum hoses (the pull off/push on type) and
fight the fuel injection piece on top of the filter until I can pull it
out and higher than the fender.  I recommend taking a good long look (or
better yet a polaroid) at the nearby location and connections before you
start as some vacuum hoses tend to get accidentally unhooked as you as
tring to remove the filter.  BTW, I think my filter was less than $10 at

Eric S.
86 4kCSQ