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Re: Stereo Aid!!

 JRUSSE51@maine.maine.edu writes:

 Jr> If anybody has questions concerning stereo up-grades, installations,
 Jr> etc, I hav
 Jr> e installed:
 Jr> 1 Sony x-2600 deck
 Jr> 1 Alpine 6 disk cd changer
 Jr> 1 Alpine v12 amp
 Jr> 1 8" subwoofer
 Jr> 2 12" speaker boxes with 12" speakers (!!!)
 Jr> 2 6" speakers
 Jr> 2 4" speaker (stock)
 Jr> 4 tweeters

     Wow, did you have to add a roof rack to carry anthing
     except a six pack?  Where'd you put the speaker 
     box? Wouldn't it have to go in front of the seat/tank
     in that car? Or do the speakers point upwards? Or is
     the gas tank on the bottom like the 5K's? 
     I would guess the most expensive component was the 
     Alpine cd changer? 

     You sure took a radical step to get rid of that pesky
     tic tic tic of the lifters........ :)


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