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Re: Placement of 12" speakers

>I "mounted" 2 12" speakers on the backseat floor. I used Kicker 12" truck 
>. They are fairly flat (about 5", I think) and fit very nicely behind my 
> I stand 5'10" so my seat also helps to secure them from moving.

The Why Question comes to mind, those box's don't sound that good to 
start with.  Several years ago I won the Car Audio Nationals 0-100 watt 
class with 8" subs which were flat in their frequency response all the 
way down to 38hz and the system Rocked. I have never really been in a car 
that needed 12" "subs" much less kicker boxes which if they are lucky 
will go down to 100hz.  Just my $1.25


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com