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'93 90S for sale

Well guys...I did it...

bought the wife the new Dodge Grand Caravan that she wanted...the ES model
with most of the options.  For $27,300 it should have been another Audi.

Anyway, her '93 90S is now for sale officially.

Gomerra mica metallic (dark teal green metallic)
Ecru/ivory interior
Two sets of mats; black and ecru
Headlight covers
One piece bra (in a box).
Paint is in very good shape EXCEPT for some chipping up front from time in
Colorado. (Wife didn't like the bra!)
New windshield in July.

19.1K miles, just had the 3 yr./45K service done.  All receipts.

Has the original Eagle GA's on original alloys. They're probably good for
30K more.

Wholesale $13.2k plus $1.1k for low mileage.

Asking $15.5k...

(The dealer here has a black one with 48k and garabage tires going for
$16,950, so I figured this was a good point to shoot for....)


Second set of wheels; MSW/OZ 15"x7" 5 spokes.  Black with polished lip. 
Great wheels.  Improved the handling with the stock GA's.  They're free now
because I had to put the stock alloys back on the car if I was going to
turn it in on the lease.  Got 4 195/65 blizzaks with less than 2K on them,

Any takers or comments?  Need to do it quick...


Stephen A. Marinello, Ph.D.
Newpark Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 6411 - Metairie, LA 70009