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(Fwd) Re: Mega-Stereos

I received the following response from John in Maine, with a request 
to forward to the list.  Why not??

>Yes, I am white. Yes, I enjoy clean sound. But I was given the big stuff 
>for next to nothing.  I wasn't about to say no. Besides, I can always 
>put them in my house.

>No, I don't leave it cranked all the time. It makes me ears hurt. I just think
>that Beethoven and Bach sound much better when deep bass is heard.
>Listen to Toccata and Fugue in G(?) minor. VERY impressive with the 12's.

>I am not one for the techno-bass music (sic). I believe it is a waste of sound
>waves that should be reserved for better things (such as Handel's Messiah),
>which again sounds good when you can really feel that Halleuyah (sp).

>Any other assumptions in regards to me should be aimed somewhere else.

>No hard feelings, just poor stereotypes. Pardon the pun :)

Glad that John didn't get TOO torched off about my post about the 
"'86 Monte Carlo..." - which was intended to tweak gently without 
insulting.  I echo his comments about nice, clean music - and have in 
fact converted auto speakers to home use before.  After all - an 
8-ohm speaker is an 8-ohm speaker, no matter where it's used.

I just get the heebie-jeebies when folks start building stacks of 
speakers into the back of their cars....of course, the folks on this 
list are NOT generally the kind who would stack speakers and then buy 
big amps with distortion factors of, say, 20% or so...and than try to 
share bass with the entire neighborhood.  But it sounded a bit 
unusual for an Audi...

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