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Re: Mega-Stereos

>I stand second to none in liking clean, powerful stereo sound.  
>Emphasis on "Clean".  Are you guys sure we're talking installations 
>in Audis here, not in 1986 Monte Carlos with black window tint and 
>neon lights in the wheel wells?  The ones that cruise by about 1:00 
>in the morning shaking the windows???? 
>(I do see that SteadiRic specified "0-100 watt class", which implies 
>an emphasis on good design and clean sound.....)
>PS:  Do you feel the urge to drive while wearing a baseball hat 

Al I would have to agree with you.  When I won at C.A.N (Car Audio 
Nationals) I won it on Sound Quality, Imaging and Installation, even 
though i could still hit 137.5 db spl!  Now in my 5KCSTQ I have a Very 
nice MB Quart/Ecplise/Rockford Fosgate system.

And No I do not wear mt baseball hats backwards!!  Besides I'm too tall 
and it rubs on the roof!


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com