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Re: Smoking 5KCSTQ ??

Well the verdict is in, and the winner is:-----

 Flattened hose.  

Plus frozen condensation sealing the kink and compounding the damage.

Actually this is the result of well meaning but poorly executed preventative
maintenance (ie I shot myself in the foot!!).

I knew that the hose from the "T" on the valve cover to the air intake
was very important, and in need of replacement, so I dutifully replaced it last
spring with some 3/4" hose.  Unfortunately, over time, the bend in it gradually
collapsed and has been partially blocked for some time.  I think the frozen
condensation and the new filler cap finally made it become obvious.

Fortunately I had the old one in the trunk so I just put it on.  Now the engine
dies as soon as the filler cap is removed (as it should).  
Hope that's all it was.

Need to top up the oil now, probably burned about a pint, James Bond smoke
screen special.

Thanks again to all respondents,