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AUDI 2.8 30V Stats

According to CAR(U.K) Magazine stats for the A6 2.8 30V 5spd are : 

Top speed = 142 mph 
0-60 = 7.9 sec
27.9 mpg(U.K) 

Max HP 193 
Max Torque 206 lb ft

12% more torque than last engine available from 2400 to 5400

Comments by the one and only L.J.K Setright
"with this engine mated to this transmission ( quattro )
the Audi A6 at last becomes a car worth considering "

Available U.K early 96

Also tested is a 1.8 A6 but I won't bore you with details...
Patrick  James

86 4000q  - Year round fun.... 
82 Honda CX500Turbo